Here’s Why We Love Cars So Much

Cars are, in fact, among the most beloved things on earth. It is a matter of why? The answer might be one that is so extensive and varied that it’s difficult to fit it on the largest piece of paper you can find. In all honesty there are a myriad of reasons that people are drawn to automobiles So much.

For instance, some people love the thrill of speeding through the track at speeds of 150mph, while others view them as masterpieces and love them in that way, and some appreciate them for the fun of modifying and fixing them may be. And with the many tires available There’s bound to be at least one that will fit your vehicle.

But for us, we see it as a combination of the liberties they provide as well as the fantastic games have inspired them, and the objects of auto-art they’re.

To give these three arguments the respect they deserve, we’ve examined these in more depth below.


They Give You a New Kind of Freedom

The main reason most of us enjoy automobiles including myself is that having one can give you a sense of immediate and a new feeling of liberation.

It’s in particular the capability to grab the keys, get into the driver’s seat and go where you want whenever you’d like and without anyone or anything standing on your path.

If it’s a stretch of country roads that are windy or going to the beach or just a short drive to collect the kids after school purchasing a vehicle will also take away the stress of dealing with public transportation.

They’ve Inspired Some Pretty Awesome Games

There’s an endless number of games that are based on cars, simply ask a dedicated player and they’ll be able to provide more titles than your fingers to count. There’s Project Cars and Need For Speed and Assetto Corsa, which is my personal favorite.

Without having invented the automobile in 1886 that none of these inventions would have existed.

But, they’re major successes in the world of gaming . However, there are many lesser-known however equally amazing car-themed games that don’t receive a lot of even a passing mention.


They Are Objects of Art

Cars are art There’s no escaping it , or debating it. I’d put a lot of effort in challenging anyone who claims anything contrary.

For evidence of this, you need to look no further than the models like 1964’s Aston Martin DB5 or the 2016 Ford GT, both of which draw your attention to the point that you’d probably be able to spend the entire day observing their exquisitely designed lines and curves. I’d go so even as to suggest they should be displayed in an art gallery.